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Image of man in doctors coat holding a stethoscopeCommon warts (verruca vulgaris) are skin lesions that are caused by a virus. Plantar warts are regular warts that occur on the plantar surface (sole) of the foot. Because we walk on our feet, the wart is pushed inward and can be painful and more difficult to get rid of.

Usually warts are harmless, but some people who have warts want to get rid of them. Here are some methods that are safe to try at home:

Liquid Nitrogen (dry ice) is sold over the counter and comes with an applicator and instructions. Basically, you freeze the wart for 10 seconds every 2 – 3 weeks to kill the virus. This is approximately 60% effective.

Salicylic acid is sold over the counter in many forms (Dr. Scholl’s medicated pads, Compound W, and many others). The medication is applied directly to the wart and allowed to remain in contact with it for days at a time. This kills the virus slowly and works most of the time.

Duct tape. This is my personal favorite because of its availability, low cost, and effectiveness. When using duct tape for warts, apply a small piece of the tape directly to the wart once every 4 to 7 days; then, remove the tape, clean the area with soap and water and remove the dead skin using an emery board. Apply another piece of tape 12 hours later. Repeat this cycle for four to six weeks.

If you try any of these methods, we would be very interested to hear your results.

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