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Meet Gayle Yarnall and the Talking Book Program

Meet Gayle Yarnall and the Talking Book Program

Meet Gayle Yarnall and the Talking Book Program

Gayle Yarnall is totally blind, and she loves to read. She is now working her way through books that have won The Pulitzer Prize. Gayle believes that reading is for everyone. If you are finding it more difficult to read the books and magazines that you love, we have a totally free solution for you.

Gayle helps the Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library introduce people to getting books, newspapers, and magazines delivered to their home for free.

The Perkins Library provides audio and large print books as well as access to over 350 newspapers, movies and TV shows. The library is part of the federally funded National Library Service.

Perkins Library can demonstrate the free, easy to use digital player and explain how all these services can be delivered to your home at no cost. Gayle also does demonstrations in the community.

In order to be eligible for this free program, a person must have difficulty reading standard print comfortably for a physical reason. That eligibility includes people with disorders that make it difficult to turn pages (for example, Parkinsonism or severe arthritis).

If you cannot see well enough to recognize the denomination of US currency, you might be eligible to get a free currency identifier.

How do you get started? Contact the Perkins Library (617-972-7240) and ask them to send you an application. Applications are also available at the website  Send the application to the library and someone will contact you. The librarian who calls you will help you decide what type of books you would like. If you want a player they will send you one and they will send you 5 books.

When you finish a book return it to the library. They will send you a replacement right away.

Gayle Yarnall has been a Talking Book Library patron for almost 50 years. She will show you how easy it is to keep reading your favorite books and magazines. Nothing can keep you connected with the world like reading. Remember, every book is new until you read it.

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