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Opportunities for Summertime Fun

Opportunities for Summertime Fun

Opportunities for Summertime Fun

Summer activities are getting organized, and now is the time to think about booking a spot. Camps offer all sorts of activities, like arts and crafts, sports, outdoor games and more.

We’ve put together a list of summer camps that offer programs for adults with special needs.

As always, we are available to help you set your summer plans into action. Our camp fund provides up to $350 in scholarships per camper. Let’s get outdoors and have fun this summer!

Camp Allen – Bedford, NH
Phone: 603-622-8471

Camp Allen has both day programs and overnight camps for children and adults with disabilities in an outdoor environment. It also hosts CamPower, a program created for young adults (ages 17-25) with developmental challenges. The program offers participants hands-on, paid experience in a work-type setting. It also provides them with mentors and on-the-job training. CamPower participants support a variety of activities at the camp, which range from running the camp store to landscaping, kitchen work and gardening.

A note on COVID-19: With regard to COVID-19, camp director Stephen Daley said, “Yes, we are planning on having overnight and day camp this summer. It will depend on the ever-changing environment due to COVID-19, but it is looking likely.”

Grotonwood Camp – Groton MA
Phone: 978-448-5763

Grotonwood is a Christian camp that aims to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, fun and relaxation to all people. The camp has both overnight programs and day programs and is suited for nearly any need (1:1 ratio, 2:1 ratio, 4:1 ratio, trips camps, day camps, two-week sessions, weekend sessions, etc.)

A note on COVID-19: To promote safety and good health for all camp staff and participants, Grotonwood has put special operating policies into place. To read these, click here or visit the camp’s website.

Camp Fatima – Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-951-5500
Camp Fatima Website:
Exceptional Citizens’ Week Website:

Camp Fatima is a Catholic summer camp that aims to provide experiences that encourage skill-building and growth in the areas of friendship and faith. It offers two programs for children and adults with disabilities:

Special Needs Camp (June 20-25, 2021) is a co-ed program for individuals ages nine and up with mild to moderate mental disabilities. The program has a 4:1 camper-to-staff ratio and campers must be able to dress, bathe, feed, and toilet themselves, as well as walk without assistance and effectively communicate their needs to camp staff.

The second program is Exceptional Citizens’ Week (EC Week), which will run from August 22-28, 2021. Another co-ed program for those ages nine and up, EC Week is open to those with both intellectual and physical challenges. The program has a 1:1 ratio of campers to staff and provides experiences such as horseback riding, swimming, boating, arts and crafts and much more. Over 170 campers can participate in this no-cost program. It is wheelchair accessible and there is an on-site healthcare team available 24/7.

A note on COVID-19: Camp Fatima is operating under the guidance of New Hampshire’s “Safer at Home” guidelines. To review the details of that plan, click here or visit the camp’s website.

Creative Living – Andover, Massachusetts
Phone: 978-470-3165

NOTE: Creative Living has temporarily suspended all programming due to COVID-19, but is hoping to resume standard operations in the near future. For updates, contact the office using the phone number and/or email address above.

Creative Living Camps typically offers day, overnight and weekend programs for adults ages 18+ with mild to moderate learning challenges or developmental disabilities. Participants experience a range of fun and exciting activities such as bowling, mini-golf, beach and museum visits and more.

Oceanwood – Ocean Park, Maine
Phone: 207-934-9655

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Oceanwood has canceled all overnight camps and programs. Day camps will be held and available at a limited capacity from July 6 to August 14, 2021, and private horseback riding lessons will be held from July 6 through the end of the summer. In addition, the camp is planning on renting out its eight private cabins to families. For COVID-19 procedures and updates, please use the contact information above.

Oceanwood is a Christian camp and conference center in Ocean Park, Maine, that typically offers summer programming and retreat opportunities for youths and adults with disabilities and their families.

The Paul Center – Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Phone: 978-256-4396

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the Paul Center does not have definitive plans for the summer. Camp administrators are hoping to be able to offer an overnight camp for adults from August 8 to 13, 2021. For updates on this and other offerings, please use the contact information listed above.

The Paul Center for Learning and Recreation typically offers experiences for students of all ages and ability levels with a focus on social, recreational and educational opportunities.

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