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Lowering Caregiver Stress

Lowering Caregiver Stress

The responsibility of being a caregiver can be overwhelming.

Nearly half of all family caregivers are “somewhat stressed” according to the 2015 National Alliance for Caregiving/AARP Caregiving in America report. More than a third are “highly stressed.” If you’re one of them, you aren’t alone.

Don’t let the responsibilities of caregiving overwhelm you. Follow these tips to help alleviate stress.

Breathe Deeply

Sit in a comfortable, quiet space and take a few moments to breathe deeply. Take deep, even breaths and focus on the present moment.


Close your eyes and visualize your favorite relaxing scene. The power of visualization gives your mind a mental vacation from day-to-day stressors.

Take a Walk

If you find yourself too antsy to sit and breathe or visualize, try to take a short walk. Walking is a more active way of destressing. Immerse yourself in the present and take in the sights and smells while you’re on the move.


Explore your creative side to help alleviate stress. Crafting, writing and playing music are all creative hobbies that can help you unwind. If you don’t know where to start when exploring your creative side, try picking up an adult coloring book.

These mindfulness techniques could help you or your loved one better cope with the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with stress.

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