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Honoring Our Caregivers

Honoring Our Caregivers

During our annual summer party, we recognize and thank those caregivers who have reached the 10 and 15-year milestones with Adult Foster Care of the North Shore.

This year we would like to recognize the following caregivers.

10 years

Angennes Akoa
Darlene Capsalis
Toots Christofferson
Yvonne Cosgrove
Sue Gagnon
Elise Hall
Kathleen Hallahan-Surrette
Sandra Hicks
Lucy Maina
Linda Marotte
Karen McQuade
Debra Pacheco
Edward W. Seaver Jr.
Roberta Trainor

Roberta Trainor
Photo L-R: Janet Dunsky, Joe Woodbury, Roberta Trainor, Cynthia Bjorlie

15 years

Cheryl Wilson
Stan Fushpanski

Stan Fushpanski
Photo L-R: Janet Dunsky, Louise Fushpanski, Stan Fushpanski, Joe Woodbury, Cynthia Bjorlie

Once again, thank you so much to all of our caregivers and clients from your team at Adult Foster Care of the North Shore!

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