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Home Safety: Simple Steps To Reduce The Risk of Falling

Home Safety Tips

Home Safety: Simple Steps To Reduce The Risk of Falling

(from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Proper lighting:

  • Always turn on lights before entering a room or hallway
  • Replace a burned-out bulb immediately
  • Keep nightlights on in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways
  • Make sure all walkways are well-lighted, especially at night

Secure walkways:

  • Make sure carpeting is securely fastened and do not use throw rugs
  • Place non-skid backing on area rugs and replace as needed
  • Place bright, contrasting color tape on top and bottom steps of stairways
  • Keep walkways clear of clutter and wires from lamps or telephones
  • Take well-used pathways rather than shortcuts when walking
  • Be alert to pets and children who can move quickly and unexpectedly
  • Clean up spills immediately

Bathroom safety:

  • Use non-skid mats in your tub and shower
  • Install grab bars in tub, shower and near the toilet
  • Use a shower seat in shower
  • Use a handheld shower to make bathing easier


  • Make sure inside stairs have secure railings, preferably on both sides
  • Install hand railings on outside stairs


  • Wear shoes that have backs, heels and soles with good support
  • Avoid wearing slippers, backless shoes and socks without shoes

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