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Elder Abuse Awareness

Elder Abuse Awareness

AFCNS Staff Members Advocating to "Bee Kind."

To recognize Elder Abuse Awareness June, local organizations held rolling rallies through different towns. AFCNS staffers Kelly Beer, RN, and Lori-ann Giamanco did their part to encourage people to “Bee Kind.”

Elder abuse has many forms, including physical, financial or emotional abuse, and may even be self-induced. It is oftentimes a silent and unrecognized problem.

As we age, we lose our mental and physical strength. We become more vulnerable. Males and females are equally likely to be abused or neglected. Social isolation is often a contributing factor. Elder abuse can also be self-induced by neglect.

Some signs of abuse are:
• Unexplained bruises
• Poor hygiene
• Weight loss
• Sudden or unexpected change in spending habits
• Unpaid bills
• Withdrawal from social situations
• Unattended medical needs

Massachusetts has an active hotline for reporting elder abuse (800-922-2275), and all communities have dedicated agencies designed to provide elders with social opportunities and connections to services. Some of the local agencies are Senior Care, Inc., in Gloucester, Elder Services of Merrimack Valley and the North Shore, and Greater Lynn Senior Services. For further information, call The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs (617-727-7750).

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