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Crafts Delivery Project

Crafts Delivery Project

AFCNS team members show toy & craft donations

When Lori-ann Giamanco, Care Manager for AFCNS, came up with the idea of giving away crafts and games to our distanced families, my jigsaw puzzle collection came to mind.

I love to do jigsaw puzzles. Whenever Christmas or birthday rolls around, people give me jigsaw puzzles. Our puppy, Gabby, has made jigsaw puzzle set-up unrealistic since 2018, so the puzzles have been piling up. The puzzles could all go to a good cause!

A lot of other people had similar responses.

Lori-ann found her home flooded with games, toys, crafts, puzzles, crayons, chalk and coloring books. Kristine Saltonstall was a shuttle service between the AFCNS office and Lori-ann’s house. Kelly Beer, Bonnie Griffith and Lori-ann took cash contributions to Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree and loaded up.  Katia Cuevas handmade labels. Others made their own craft packages.

Then came the package assembly. We contacted every single home including our 42 homes without internet and took requests. Every package was different. One family might want a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle and another Silly Putty or both!

Lori-ann and Kelly met and assembled the packages complete with tissue paper, ribbons, and labels. Next comes delivery. By the time you read this, delivery may be complete. If all goes well, many families will have fun diversion for some hours at home.

Enjoy the jigsaw puzzles.

Pictured are Lori-ann Giamanco and Kelly Beer, RN.

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