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Five Tips To Help You Understand Dementia Behaviors


(from: Family Caregiver Alliance, San Francisco, California) It is not easy caring for someone with dementia. Here are five tips to remember when you encounter challenging dementia behaviors. 1. We cannot change the person. The person you care for has a brain disorder that shapes who they have become. 2. Behavior is triggered. The behavior […]

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Home Visits

picture of house , tree with fall foliage and front lawn littered with leaves

We look forward to our regular visits with you. This is to clarify what to expect. Our home visits are required by MassHealth–one visit per month for Level 1 and two visits per month for Level 2. The main purpose of our regular visits is to see how your household is doing. There are other […]

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Hearing Aids

Woman's hand holding a hearing aid device

Hearing loss is a common problem and is different in everyone. Hearing loss can result in isolation and many attendant social and health issues. Hearing aids have changed dramatically. A basic hearing aid today is better that the most advanced one available 10 years ago. Hearing aids are no longer analog sound amplifiers. They are […]

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What You Need to Know About Health Care Proxies

Elderly woman filling out a form with a pen

When we think about infirmity and the end of life, most of us want to make our own health decisions for as long as possible. Advance Directives include all the various ways that you can direct what you want in the event that you cannot speak for yourself. The best way to have that happen […]

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I Got Scammed!

elderly woman pointing finger at her self

Me! I fell for it! I almost handed over $500 at JCPenney to the lady behind the Sephora counter to help a friend. It started that morning when I heard from an old friend that I haven’t seen in years. He emailed and asked for a favor. I wrote back, “Sure, call me.” He didn’t […]

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