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Adult Immunizations

This article Is from “SeniorCare Inc.” and was written by Tracy Arabian, Marketing Officer, for SeniorCare.    August was National Immunization Awareness Month. A major topic in the news for the past few months is speculation on when an immunization against COVID-19 will become available and how effective it will be. While we will not […]

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What If You Test Positive for COVID?

The state of Massachusetts is offering free COVID testing through August 14th. This testing is a valuable tool to help control the spread of the virus. You shouldn’t panic if your results come back positive. Some people may become ill, but others can remain asymptomatic and never feel the effects of the virus at all. […]

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Adult Foster Care During COVID-19

The COVID situation has affected every level of our lives and work. It has been an overwhelming experience. In addition to our concerns about health and safety, there have been major shifts in our daily routines. We have had one COVID death, caregiver Bud Holden of Danvers, who will be greatly missed by his wife […]

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Crafts Delivery Project

When Lori-ann Giamanco, Care Manager for AFCNS, came up with the idea of giving away crafts and games to our distanced families, my jigsaw puzzle collection came to mind. I love to do jigsaw puzzles. Whenever Christmas or birthday rolls around, people give me jigsaw puzzles. Our puppy, Gabby, has made jigsaw puzzle set-up unrealistic […]

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The World is a Small Village

In his day-to-day life, Olivier Che spends his days as one of our Registered Nurses working with clients. But when he recently left on a long-awaited trip to visit family in his homeland of Cameroon, West Africa, Olivier had no idea how much the world would change as the COVID-19 virus hit full force. As […]

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