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8 Unconventional Summer Health Tips

With the summer solstice just days away, we wanted to share some of our favorite unconventional summer health tips. Stay Hydrated with Fruits and Veggies We all know that drinking water is especially important during the hot summer months but sometimes it’s hard to consume enough. Luckily, fresh summer produce provides plenty of fluid. Watermelon, […]

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Creating Caregiver Boundaries

In the roll of caregiver, you learn to focus on others. Ignoring your own needs may become the norm. It is easy to become drained emotionally, physically and mentally if boundaries are not put in place. As a caregiver, it’s essential that you become an expert in setting boundaries. Here are five ways to help […]

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Focus On: Developmental Disabilities

Today we are focusing on developmental disabilities – what they are, who they affect, why they occur and how they are diagnosed. Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of chronic conditions resulting in mental and/or physical impairments. Those who have developmental disabilities deal with difficulties in certain areas of life, including language, mobility, learning, self-help […]

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Adult Foster Care Day at the State House

On March 8th, Adult Foster Care of the North Shore visited the State House to celebrate the newly minted Adult Foster Care Day. Siobhan Lucas (AFCNS), Sally Girmaldi (Director, Adult Family Care and Shared Living, Northeast ARC), Cynthia Bjorlie (Executive Director, AFCNS), Ann-Margaret Ferrante (Gloucester, Rockport and Essex State Representative), Noella Kloppenburg (AFCNS), Winnie Thuo […]

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What Not to Say (or Do) When Talking About Cancer

Talking about cancer is hard. It is especially hard when the one you are talking to is afflicted with the disease. Well-meaning comments from family members and friends can come off as wholly inappropriate to a cancer patient. What Not to Say When Talking About Cancer “I know how you feel.” No, you don’t. It […]

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