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Golf Cart Therapy

(Partially reprinted from The Salem News 9/22/22) Alex lives with his parents, Kevin and Jennifer, in Peabody. Always a happy child, he was diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was very young. As he moved toward his teens Alex developed aggressive behavior toward his family and others. By the time he reached the […]

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Home Safety: Simple Steps To Reduce The Risk of Falling

Home Safety Tips

(from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Proper lighting: Always turn on lights before entering a room or hallway Replace a burned-out bulb immediately Keep nightlights on in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways Make sure all walkways are well-lighted, especially at night Secure walkways: Make sure carpeting is securely fastened and do not use throw […]

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Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Defective Disorder)

Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, is related to the change of seasons, most often Fall becoming Winter. It is a type of depression that has been officially recognized by the medical community affecting women twice as often as men and usually has an onset before the age of 21. Decreased sunlight leads […]

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10 Self-Improvement Tips

September is self-improvement month. Here are 10 ways to help you grow. Read a little bit every day. Whether you enjoy biographies, beach reads or dramas, read a little bit every day. Pick up a new hobby. Picking up a new hobby requires you to stretch yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. If you like to […]

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Honoring Our Caregivers

During our annual summer party, we recognize and thank those caregivers who have reached the 10 and 15-year milestones with Adult Foster Care of the North Shore. This year we would like to recognize the following caregivers. 10 years Angennes Akoa Darlene Capsalis Toots Christofferson Yvonne Cosgrove Sue Gagnon Elise Hall Kathleen Hallahan-Surrette Sandra Hicks […]

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