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Caregivers Needed!

Caregivers Needed

Caregivers Needed!

Caregivers NeededAFCNS is in need of caregivers! Whether you are interested in providing short-term care (which usually spans about a week) or welcoming a client into your home as their full-time home care placement, we’d love to connect with you.

All types of caregivers, regardless of the term of care, must provide their clients with: a stable home setting that is clean and maintained; daily meals and snacks; a private bedroom with both a window and door for each client; and a private or shared bathroom. All caregiver applicants and their homes are carefully vetted, and all placements are voluntary and selectively matched based on client and caregiver compatibility.

Short-term caregivers are typically called upon when a client’s full-time caregiver is in need of some personal time or R&R. During that time, you would provide care for the client in your own home. You will have access to trained AFCNS staff 24/7 for on-call support, and all necessary paperwork and transportation services will be taken care of by our team. Short-term care services are compensated at a higher rate than long-term services.

If you are interested in opening up your home to an adult with disabilities in your community and serving as their full-time caregiver, we also have opportunities for you. All of our home care providers have access to AFCNS training and on-call support. Each client and caregiver pair are also assigned a care manager and nurse. This dedicated team will assist you in the creation and maintenance of a care plan and provide you with the resources you need to fulfill your responsibilities. Full-time caregivers also receive a tax-free, monthly $1,500 stipend from MassHealth to assist them in their caregiving responsibilities.

To learn more about our services and becoming a caregiver with us, please call us at (978) 281-2612 or fill out our caregiver application form.

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