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Focus On: Developmental Disabilities

Today we are focusing on developmental disabilities – what they are, who they affect, why they occur and how they are diagnosed. Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of chronic conditions resulting in mental and/or physical impairments. Those who have developmental disabilities deal with difficulties in certain areas of life, including language, mobility, learning, self-help […]

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How to Remain Engaged in Your Community

Join a local YMCA The YMCA heavily promotes strengthening communities. The organization strives to bring everyone together, regardless of age, income or background, to give them the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Your local YMCA will offer a wide range of community programming, some of which are free. Find your local YMCA here. Ask […]

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Adult Foster Care Day at the State House

On March 8th, Adult Foster Care of the North Shore visited the State House to celebrate the newly minted Adult Foster Care Day. Siobhan Lucas (AFCNS), Sally Girmaldi (Director, Adult Family Care and Shared Living, Northeast ARC), Cynthia Bjorlie (Executive Director, AFCNS), Ann-Margaret Ferrante (Gloucester, Rockport and Essex State Representative), Noella Kloppenburg (AFCNS), Winnie Thuo […]

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