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Mara de Gagne can help save you money and find all sorts of resources to reduce your healthcare costs through a program called “Needymeds.” It is a nationwide, non-profit organization that was started in 1997. 

Mara is our local “CHASE” (Community Healthcare Access to Savings Education) counselor. This program not only helps people get prescription discounts (or free), it can also help with such things as medical equipment, pet prescriptions and camp scholarships. She also described a company that trains dogs to work with people with autism and impulsive behavior.  

Regarding prescription medications, Mara uses all sorts of avenues including prescription assistance manufacturer offers and programs based on a person’s diagnosis. Needymeds has a “Drug Discount Card” that offers discounts at more than 65,000 pharmacies in the U.S.A. The Drug Discount Card is available for free. Patients do not need to qualify for the program or prove that they have a need – all they need to do is call 844-361-2407.

When someone calls the helpline, he/she can get contact information on programs that may be able to offer assistance. Mara also gives individual attention and walks people through the forms needed to get assistance. Mara meets people at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester, the Rockport Senior Center and the Beverly Senior Center. Mara’s clients include people with a newly diagnosed chronic illness who are getting acclimated to the way of life and people who have stable chronic illness and cannot afford the proper medication. 

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