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Measurable Goals

Measurable Goals

As we have been saying for six months, we are in the midst of a statewide accreditation process of all of the Adult Foster Care programs. Massachusetts would like to make sure we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing. We will now have “measurable goals” that we follow for all of our clients.

What does that mean for you?

A measurable goal is a goal that is realistic, measurable, achievable and related to a positive step for the client. Here are some goals that would not work:

  • Winning the lottery (not realistic).
  • Dancing at Carnegie Hall (not realistic).
  • Improved health (too vague, not measurable, see below).
  • Improved behavior (too vague, see below).

Here are some goals that would work:

  • Lose ½ pound of weight per month.  If the client succeeds in losing some weight, the goal might change to “maintain weight.”
  • Have no episodes of hitting another person for one month.
  • Attend program for three days per week.
  • Have no falls for one month.
  • Pain control such that there are no “Level 8 pain” days for one consecutive week. 
  • Eat fresh fruit three times per week.

Goals should be simple. A goal may be physical, social or behavioral. The goal should be related to what is going on in your clients’ lives. 

Please think about what a goal might be in your case. You will be hearing more about this, and, needless to say, we will have to document it all. Oh boy! Our management team (Joe Woodbury, Janet Dusky RN, Joanna Adrien RN, and Bonnie Griffith) has been working to make it as simple and painless for you as possible. The idea is to keep every single one of our clients focused in a positive direction. This seems like a reasonable way to measure progress or lack of it for our clients. 

Stay tuned!

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